Wing Chun


General KwanOne who excels as a warrior does not appear formidable
One who excels in fighting is never aroused in anger
One who excels in defeating his enemies does not join issues
One who excels in employing others humbles himself before them
- This is the virtue of non contention matching the sublimity of heaven

The aim of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to develop physical, mental and spiritual awareness. These elements transcend you to a higher level of life. Self awareness, self respect and a duty to serve should be the goal of life in every martial artist. Meditate on these principles and make peace on your study of Kung Fu, a way of life.

When fear is removed, the arrogance of uncertainty is dispelled. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to prove yourself in any form of combat. By learning how to fight, you learn how not to fight.


  • Use entry technique
  • Attack the opening
  • Trap the leading elbow
  • Attack the opponent's balance
  • Pin the arms from the blind side
  • Control the opponent's blind side
  • Use the centre line to force the opponent to use the outside path
  • Keep moving. Don't present a steady target for your opponent
  • Be calm, have confidence in yourself, let your reflexes guide you
  • Use elbows in close quarters, use palm or fist in the next distance, use kicks with front foot for further distance, use the rear foot in furthest distance.


  • Developed by a woman
  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Relieves stress
  • Teaches the treatment of sports injuries
  • Teaches you to use two arms at the same time
  • Develops contact reflexes by Chi Sao exercises
  • Internal Kung Fu using efficient Chi breathing
  • Suited for people who don't want to use brute force
  • Principle of using two arms extended to Butterfly Swords
  • Uses straight punches (can achieve up to 8 punches per second)
  • Uses pressure points to make striking techniques more effective


  • We will train our hearts and bodies for a firm, unshaking spirit
  • We will pursue the true meaning of the martial way so that in time our senses may be alert
  • With true vigour, we will seek to cultivate a spirit of self-denial
  • We will observe the rules of courtesy, respect our superiors and refrain from violence
  • We will pay homage to our creator and never forget the true virtue of humility
  • We will look upwards to wisdom and strength, not seeking other desires
  • All our lives, through the disciplines of Wing Chun we will seek to fulfil the true meaning of the way