The Chinese language has hundreds of dialects. Some are so different they are like seperate launguages. Though they all read the same characters. Most westerners are exposed to Mandarin or Cantonese.

Kung Fu is Mandarin for Gung Fu. So Wing Chun Kung Fu is a mixture of two dialects. Wing Chun is Cantonese, so Wing Chun Gung Fu is correct in Cantonese. Yung Chun Kung Fu is correct in Mandarin.

We will use Kung Fu here because most people world wide are familiar with "Kung Fu". Kung fu/gung fu means any acquired skill. A doctor, lawyer or a carpenter is doing kung fu. The proper term for the martial arts in Chinese is Wu Shu or Mo Sut.

Chi, or Qi is Mandarin for Hei in Cantonese. Chi will be used because of it's familiarity.

 Shaolin Siu Lum Small forest
 Chi, Qi Hei Air, breath, intrinsic energy
 Wu Mei Ng Mui Five Plums
 Kung Fu Gung Fu Acquired skill
 Wu Shu Mo Sut War Art, Martial Art
 Yung Chun Wing Chun Speak of spring forever
 Chuan Kuen Fist

Cantonese translations

 Counting in Chinese
 Yat One
 Yee Two
 Saam Three
 Sei Four
 Ng Five
 Luhk Six
 Chaat Seven
 Baat Eight
 Gau Nine
 Sahp Ten
 Chinese Phrases
 Jeun Bai Ready
 Jeun Geung Attack
 Woo Wia Defence
 Sifu Teacher
 Sihing Senior
 Sidi Junior
 Haih Yes
 Ng Goi Sorry
 Do Jeh Thank you
 Jo-on Good morning
 Man-on Good night
 Ng-on Good afternoon
 Movement and Exercise
 Baat Jaam Do Eight-chop broadswords (butterfly swords)
 Biu Jee Finger thrusting form
 Bong Sao Wing arm
 Chi Sao Sticky hand exercise
 Muk Jong Wooden dummy
 Chum Kiu Bridge seeking form
 Fook Sao Bridge-on arm
 Gan Sao Plowing hand
 Kwan Sao Tan and Bong deflection block
 Gum Sao Pinning hand
 Jut Sao Jerk hand
 Kan Sao Splitting block
 Kuen Fist
 Fat Sao Swinging arm
 Pak Sao Slapping block
 Siu Lim Tao Little idea form
 Tan Sao Palm-up arm
 Wu Sao Protecting arm
 Dai Jeung Reverse palm strike
 Po Pai Jeung Double palm strike
 Jong Elbow
 Ma Stance
 Biu Sao Stretching deflection block
 Lau Sao Slipping hand
 Kwai Ma Kneeling stance/horse
 Yee Jee Kim Yang Ma Character two pinching stance/horse