Helena, MT – May 11-12, 2013

The Mountains of Helena, Montana

Register for a 2-day catered Wing Chun retreat in the mountains of Helena, Montana with renowned Wing Chun Master Phillip Redmond. As one of only four Traditional Wing Chun Masters in the United States and one of but two Closed-Door students of Grandmaster William Cheung, Master Redmond brings a wealth of unparalleled experience to every one of his seminars. He has studied under 9 different sifus, 4 of which were direct students of the legendary Yip Man.

Located in the expansive and picturesque mountains of Helena, Montana (shown above), this retreat is designed for Wing Chun practioners of all levels and will cover both basic and advance techniques in the martial art.

Master Phillip Redmond Swords
DATE: May 11 - 12, 2013
LOCATION: Helena, Montana
FEE: $80 1-day/ $150 2-days - Catering services provided
If you aren’t staying on-site, shuttle service provided

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