Master Phillip Redmond NYC Wing Chun Chi Sao Workshop – April 13, 2014

Master Phillip Redmond NYC Wing Chun Seminar

Join Master Redmond in New York  City, NY for a one day Wing Chun Chi Sao workshop on April 13, 2014 from 12:00PM - 5:00PM at 1024 Sixth Ave 4/5FL (@38th St) NY, NY 10018.  Contact David Alonso (828) 713-7981. Cost: $85.00. The workshop will be focusing on the proper applications of Chi Sao (cross arm, parallel arm, double arm).

Master Redmond brings with him many years of Wing Chun experience.  Before training in Traditional Wing Chun, Redmond studied Classical (Popular) Wing Chun under many Sifus from different lineages and was a Sifu when he met Grandmaster William Cheung. His mastery of both Wing Chun styles has given him a unique perspective and understanding of the Art.

All Master Redmond seminars and workshops are open to all lineages of Wing Chun. We enjoy practicing, learning, and growing  with everyone in the WC Family.