Siu Nim/Lim Tauh

After seeing the translation of Siu Lim/Nim Tauh as Small or little Idea I decided to ask two native Chinese speakers who were well educated what the characters meant. I used "well educated" because in any language there will be variables in understanding certain words based on education. One of the people I asked is a professor of Chinese language.

After pondering on the Characters for a while the first person gave me the analogy of word bubbles with a light bulb inside over a cartoon character's head indicating an idea. He said to think of multiple bubbles popping up repeatedly. The professor used the word epiphany. He said it was like having epiphanies one after the other.

In Cantonese Siu Lim/Nim Tauh is small-thought/idea. The Tauh (Cantonese), Tou (Mandarin), used in our first form uses the Chinese Character for head , not the character Do (Cantonese), Tao (Mandarin) .  So, having constant epiphanies in your head while performing the form is what I got out of the explanation given to me. It makes more sense to a Western mind than simply Little Idea.

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