About Master Redmond

Master Phillip Redmond's martial arts career started after his first of two tours in Vietnam. After his first tour he was stationed in Okinawa. While he was stationed there he had the opportunity to study with Eizo Shimabuku in Shorin-Ryu (Okinawan karate). After 4 years of duty in the Marine Corps (USMC), Master Redmond was honorably discharged in 1970 and then he moved to New York City.

After moving to NYC 1970 Master Redmond started training in Fu Jow Pai (Tiger Claw) under Grandmaster Wai Hong. During the same year Master Redmond was introduced to Wing Chun by a friend.

After a period of time Master Redmond, started training under Sifu Duncan Leung. When Duncan Leung left NYC to move to Virginia, Sifu Redmond, studied under a succession of Wing Chun instructors in NYC's Chinatown. Master Redmond studied under prominent instructors such as Sifu Lee Moy Shan, Sifu Alan Lamb, Sifu Henry Leung, and Sifu Moy Yat. In 1983, Master Redmond saw an ad for a seminar being in held in Los Angeles, CA. Master Redmond immediately bought plane tickets and flew to California for two weeks. During those two weeks, Master Redmond realized that the Wing Chun he learned prior to the seminar was a shadow of what Grandmaster Cheung was teaching. From that point on, Master Redmond gave up his instructor standing in a previous Wing Chun style and started as a beginner in Grandmaster Cheung's Wing Chun. Master Redmond became a sifu in GM Cheung's system in 1991 and earned his provisional Master rank in 1994.

During Master Redmond's training in Wing Chun in NYC, he also studied many other styles. A list of the styles Master Redmond has studied or has a working knowledge of are: Hung Ga kung fu under Sifu Bill Chung of Chinatown's Hung Mun, Baat Gua from Sifu Kenny Gong, Bak Mei, Seven-Star Praying Mantis, Juk Lum, Vee-Jitsu te from Professor Florendo Visitacion, and Aiki-Jujitsu from Sensei Robert "Sugar" Crosson. Sort of an anomoly, Master Redmond speaks Cantonese which has given him a deeper understanding of the arts, and has lead to some unusual circumstances with people who were unaware of this ability. Master Redmond has earned a black belt in AikiJiu Jitsu and Kobudo from Sensei Ronald Duncan. Yoel Judah, the US kickboxing champion, trained Sifu Redmond for his first full contact bout which he won.

In 1989 Master Redmond moved to New Haven, CT and started the Yale University Wing Chun Kung Fu Club. From 1990 to 1994 Yale University's Physical Education Department hired Master Redmond to teach Wing Chun. In 1995 Master Redmond moved to Detroit. In July 2006 Master Redmond moved to the North American headquarters in Southern New Jersey. He left the Detroit school in the care of Provisional Master Carmelino Guiao.

Master Redmond has made Grandmaster Cheung's Honor List
This is a list, compiled by Grandmaster William Cheung, of people who have contributed to The World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association above and beyond normal measures.These special people have contributed their services to Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu for a minimum period of ten years, showing respect, dedication, honor and self-sacrifice.