Drills & Techniques



Closing the Gap

One the the concepts of Wing Chun is to not give an opponent room to attack. Here are examples of closing the gap when someone tries to retreat or tries a double jab.

Wing Chun VS Front Kick




  1. Sonya and Car face off in a cross arm position.
  2. From the Left Side Neutral stance, Sonya steps to the left into a "T" Stance using a Gan Sao/Gum Sao as Car front kicks with the rear leg.
    1. Close up view of 2.
  3. Before Car can bring his leg down, Sonya shin kicks to Car's calf muscle.
  4. After calf kick, Sonya covers Car's right elbow then uses a right vertical palm to the face.
    1. Close up view of 4.
  5. The right vertical palm then changes to Lop Sao while the left palm strikes the head.
    1. Close up view of 5.

Wing Chun VS Round Punch



  1. Sonya squares off as sifu Car prepares to throw a round punch.
  2. Car steps forward to punch, Sonya steps back and executes a Double Lop Sao (from the Biu Jee form).
    1. Close up of Double Lop Sao.
  3. While pulling with the left hand Sonya does a palm strike to the side of Car's neck. Of course a follow up is always used.
    1. Close up of palm strike.